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Orkut Clone Script ....

Bhuvitech Orkut clone has all the features needed to run a successful social networking community like Orkut. Users join Orkut website for the following purposes To find people who share their hobbies and interests, to establish new business contacts or to reconnect old friends. Members of Orkut website also join variety of online communities to discuss current events, upcoming festivals or even exchange their favorite recipes. Now-a-days, current trend in the market is to start a social networking site clone for gaining popularity and not just for earning money. Social networking site clone is very simple in use, user friendly and easily manageable for the owner and can store tons of data.

the programming and technology used :

We will recommend use of PHP for the development of PHP Orkut clone. However, we can also utilize the feature rich platform of Joomla for the development of Orkut Joomla clone as well. High emphasize will be given to JS, JQuery, Ajax, JSON and table less (DIV based) HTML design so to make sure that the Orkut clone script site UI design is Web 2.0 and world-class.

How much it costs ?

Like mentioned earlier, this is not a readymade 3rd party script, so the cost depends upon your selection of the features and the type of functionality that you require for your own Orkut clone. Once you send us your RFP, we will provide you the overall project cost based upon the feature and functionality requirement. However, we already have the framework developed for Orkut clone script along with project wireframes, which means that we will save significant time while developing your very own best Orkut clone. Bhuvitech is known for years for making high quality websites and web applications at a very reasonable and affordable rate.

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