Mobile Cart

Store Integration :-

You donít worry about the integration of your store and our Bhuvitech m-Commerce Plugin. Our tech support will install the plugin and build the mobile app for you without any delay. With our Bhuvitech m-Commerce app, you can build a native iOS and Android app for Magento retail eCommerce store.

Custom Theme Option :-

You can set your own logo, banner and choose a background colour which reflects your store theme. You can add more banners for the app; it will rotate in your mobile app. The banners will be displayed at the top of the app.

Sync with Your Website Inventory :-

Sync the product category and catalog from your existing Magento store. You need not maintain a separate inventory for products. The entire updates of the websites sync with the mobile app automatically. Bhuvitech m-Commerce app supports all kind of simple, configurable, bundle and downloadable products. Also app will display the In-stock or out-of-stock notifications about the products.

Account Creation :-

Bhuvitech m-Commerce provides a facility to create an account & login into their account in mobile app using their Facebook account. This feature will work in your mobile app, regardless of your website's feature.

User Account Synchronization :-

The user account information is synchronized with both web and mobile app. The user can login with the same credentials for both web and mobile app. Also orders, wish list and other user related information are synced with both web and mobile app.

Support Large Inventory :-

App will be instant and will support large volume of products, as Bhuvitech m-Commerce is introduced with an innovative implementation of fast loading technology. This ensures instant loading and functioning of apps. The app automatically syncs with the database by using the backend program.

Multiple Payment Gateways :-

Bhuvitech m-Commerce is integrated with PayPal payment gateway and payment gateway. Do you need more payment gateway integrations? We are ready to customize your app based on your requirement.

Push Notifications :-

Mobile push notifications can engage your users when your app is not in an active state. Each push notification is rich with personalized content, By using mobile push notifications, you can really learn about your customers and connect with them on a more personal level. Using Bhuvitech m-Commerce you can send push notifications to your customers about new offers, orders and arrival of new products. Managing the content of push messages should be very simple by using our plugin. For ease of use we have incorporated the push message management system into our plugin.

QR Code Scanner :-

QR codes makes it much faster for your potential customers to purchase through their phone, and faster purchasing ability mean a higher potential to close the sale. When merchants customerís scan a QR code with Bhuvitech m-Commerce, it automatically redirect to the corresponding product information.

Store Locator :-

With Bhuvitech m-Commerce store locator feature, your customer can view your store location & address details in the map.

Reward Points :-

Reward point is one of most powerful solution for increase the customersí loyalty and increases the sales. This feature allows you to reward your customers for any purchase and any other actions they do in your store like social sharing, like and referral programs, with points which can be redeemed for discounts or any other benefits in your store.

Checkout Integration :-

Bhuvitech m-Commerce offers integrated and secure international checkout process that enables your business to reach mobile consumers through your existing eCommerce infrastructure. Our integrated solution provides fraud free transaction with fabulous experience. Bhuvitech m-Commerce app supports both guest checkout and a normal 5 page checkout; it will increase conversions of new customers and retain existing customers.

Integrated with Magento CMS :-

Identical feel, similar to your ecommerce store. By using Bhuvitech m-Commerce plugin you can merge your store CMS pages with your ecommerce app. It will help your Customers to view all the pages of your store in your mobile app.

Integrated with Google Analytics :-

We will integrate Google analytics and eCommerce tracking into your apps, so that you can track the result of all campaigns accurately from your Google analytic systems

Help To App Submission Process :-

Our support team will help you in submitting your mobile app to app store for approval process. After which, our team will support you until your app gets approval from the respective App Stores.